How to host a craft night?

Recently I was asked to host a craft night. I suppose it made sense seeing as creative living is both a walk I walk as well as a talk I talk. And I truly love meeting and getting to know fellow creatives. But I have to admit, at first the thought of hosting a craft night made me queasy – I had this weird mental image of perfectly coiffed moms sitting around an impeccable spread working on the perfect Pinterest DIY of the day. Eek! That is so very not me. “I can’t host a craft night” I thought, “I’ll feel silly! That sounds so stressful!”

So I did what I do when I know something will be good for me – I said yes without thinking.

Without allowing myself to completely fall down that rabbit hole of doubt and worry I picked a date and sent an email inviting a whole bunch of folks. To say I was surprised by the response would be an understatement. I had no idea so many people would be interested! Email after email poured in excited to join. I was locked in – couldn’t back out now!

The day of the craft night arrived and I was feeling pretty good – no stress – after all, it was just going to be a bunch of people making stuff – that’s not scary! The group for the first gathering turned out to be smaller than I expected, which was a welcome surprise. We spent the night painting and talking, bonding over creative lives we all live, finding similarities we didn’t know we had. Before any of us knew it, two-and-a-half hours were gone and it was time for everyone to head home. My table was a beautiful mess of paint, plates, and glasses – a sure sign of a great time!

So I did it – I hosted a craft night – and there was not a perfectly coiffed anything (or a hot glue gun) in sight! Because I kept it simple and authentic, never once did I feel silly or stressed. In fact, I already have another planned. That’s saying a lot for this introvert who doesn’t love hosting (except for brunch, because who doesn’t love brunch?!)


Don’t feel like your job is to entertain everyone – invite people who have expressed interest and then ask them to bring their current work in progress – it doesn’t get much more simple than that!


Choose to offer something you already enjoy doing. For my get together, we painted story stones – something I’m not only very comfortable with, but I had all the needed supplies on hand. Plus, if you’re doing something you love, not only will you be able to explain it to others with ease, but you also won’t feel silly.


You provide the space and maybe some olives, let your guests contribute to the snacks and wine or other beverages!


If you’re not big into hosting, having an end time can help reduce your stress by eliminating that unknown of when the gathering is over.


At 29 years old, my favorite compliment is being told that I look like my mom. Seeing myself in her image, like this daughter up top, makes me so proud of how far I’ve come, and so thankful for where I come from.