Pantone's Trendy 2019-2020 Winter Colors

The world's color authority Pantone announced the fall/winter colors 2019-2020. Pantone Color Institute, which is one of the institutions that set the standards in color, announces the favorite colors of the next season with its Fashion Trends Report published every season. Pantone color list, which appeared in different colors this season, made a sound with the vivid coral color that is determined for last season.

In the latest color report set by the Pantone Color Institute, 2019-2020 was chosen for catwalks with remarkable tones for autumn-winter and natural tones. The colors of the season are bold, stunning and assertive.

1. Pepper Red

In English, "Chili Pepper" (Pantone 19-1557) is just one of the anchor colors that will be fashionable this season. It looks like it will be the color of those who love to stand out with its pepper red style that promises an assertive and bold appearance. How would you like to try this stylish color on your podium in your skirts and blouses?

2. Merlot

Merlot (Pantone 19-1534) is another color that will add warmth and elegance to cold weather this season. Merlot tone, which can be defined as the color where dark red escapes to a little brown tone, seems to add a classy and sophisticated atmosphere to fashion this season. Get ready to meet merlot, which is the perfect color for coats and coats, which is indispensable for cold days, especially in this fall-winter season.

3. Cranberry

This color, which literally reflects the spirit of the season, looks like a mixture of soft red and pink. This color promises a feminine and attractive appearance and creates perfect combinations especially with light tones.

4. Dark Burgundy

This dark burgundy color, called “Biking Red” (Pantone 19-1650), resembles Merlot and has a slightly colder tone. This color, which is a mixture of red and brown, has captured especially the 2019-2020 autumn/winter catwalk. You can use this attractive, sophisticated and cool color in your combinations to match the trends of the season.

5. Summer Fig

Bright red tone. This color, which plays a little orange and offers a light summer mood, will carry the energy of the sun to cold days. You can use this striking color in shades like white and beige, which can be used in warmer combination as well as in dark colors like black on cold days.

6. Peach Color

Peach Pink ”(Pantone 15-1530) is another color that will add warmth to autumn and winter with its soft tone. Peach color similar to crabapple color is distinguished from other shades by its cooler air.

7. Crabapple

“Crabapple is a blend of pink and orange. The soft and naive appearance of crabapple color sweaters, skirts and dresses will appear frequently this season.

8. Orange Tiger

If you feel energetic and lively, this tone will be your color in the 2019-2020 autumn-winter. Orange Tiger (Pantone 16-1358) looks like the color of the sun with a vibrant tone that will add energy to cool winter days. You can reflect your colorful personality with this tone that you can prefer especially in clothing products such as overcoats and accessories such as bags and shoes.

9. Hazel

In the fall/winter season of 2019-2020, we will also see a few natural tones. The color of Hazel (Pantone 17-1143), which looks like light brown with a slight peach hue, literally reflects the spirit of autumn.

10. Green Olive

Olive Green Olive ”(green olive) is a color between yellow and green. This season we will see in dresses, bags, and trousers.


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